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Why Work With Appstean?

Your digital journey's most crucial element is undoubtedly the cloud transformation. However, there are many, intricate decisions to be made about providers and integration before you can prosper on the cloud, making it challenging even to know where to start the journey.
No matter where you are, Appstean is a reliable companion to assist you navigate your cloud journey. We are equally capable of single or multi-cloud infrastructure and understand the advancement of overall cloud, and its leading services. We assist you in incorporating the best cloud and infrastructure providers to experience seamless integration for your customers, stakeholders, and employees.
We also offer agility to our clients to respond to the ever-changing cloud conditions in the market. We understand the requirements of our clients while differentiating each aspect of business to deliver high-performing results through best processes, vendors, tools, and resources.

Key Cloud & Infrastructure Services We Offer


Infrastructure as a service

We offer virtual cloud services over the internet, including efficient software, hardware, storage,
and various other infrastructure-related components to the users. Get in touch with
well-suited, highly scalable cloud resources that can be adjusted as per your needs on demand.


Platform as a service

We offer complete deployment and development environment in the cloud with the right set of resources to help you deliver everything from simple cloud-based applications to more complex cloud-enabled enterprise applications. We provide security, scalability, and auto-provision of various underlying cloud infrastructure services.


Software as a service

Our cloud & infrastructure services model comprises of increasing pervasive distribution
ledger with the underlying technologies in sync with both the web services or service-oriented
architecture. We offer ultimate compatibility to facilitate easier collaboration for our end-users.

Expertise We Deliver.


Guided via practitioner & led via automation

Maximize the benefits of cloud and infrastructure modernization with the help of our experts and ready-to-use Automation Stack throughout your hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure and operations. This stack applies industry best practices.

Product Engineering DNA

Appstean offers expertise in cloud engineering and product engineering while assisting ISVs in modernizing or integrating cloud-based distribution that also comprises of R&D to launch new services for cloud services providers.

Extensive Partner Ecosystem

We believe in developing a 360-degree relationship as an engineering, training, certification, and implementation partner for cloud platform and software developers to foster an easy, open-source collaboration.

Leverage the pillars of industry best practices with our exceptional cloud & infrastructure services!

Appstean assists at the forefront of solutions development in cloud technologies like IaaS, SaaS, PaaS, and other latest enterprise technologies. Our custom services bring about everything from cloud consulting, and DevOps to cloud integration, migration, and security.

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