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Empowering data intelligence as the future belongs to data pioneers!
We are equipped with a leading team of experts driven by big data, AI, and analytics veterans. At Appstean, we’re an eclectic and curious bunch who loves algorithms and data as much as they love their coffees. Opinions and ideas need to be synced with the tangible data. Appstean aspires to offer Data Analysis and Power BI services that permeates the globe around us, easy and simple to understand.

It’s quite challenging to carry out these tasks in a cost-effective and useful way in the "Big Data" age, where every firm strives to use Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics for better decision-making. Appstean has taken this head-on challenge by utilizing its expertise in BI with industry-specific data models and proprietary data management frameworks to improve the speed of data-driven decision making among different industries.

Our Power BI experts, whether in management, consulting, or software development, stand for high-quality, individualised services that are used across sectors, divisions, source systems, and functions. We ensure a competent implementation of projects thanks to a solid amount of expertise, and we impress with our capacity to think thoroughly about specific customer processes.

Proven, and not just promised!

cost optimization

Cost optimization

We help you bring out operational efficiency, maximized profits, improved security, reduced
risks, and faster decisions using 360-degree, real-time view of data at the enterprise level.

customer satisfaction

Increased customer satisfaction

Leverage the power of emerging technologies to gain user satisfaction, sales insights, and identify cross-selling opportunities. By using our advanced data analytics services, you can acknowledge your customer base, and thus establish a needed connection.

reduced footprints

Reduced footprints

Carbon footprints are reduced when data or digital information is processed using machine
learning and data analytics. With an analytics platform that expands from individuals to the
organisation as a whole, you can reduce the added expense, complexity, and security risks
of using multiple systems.


Boosts productivity

By facilitating the transformation from static data representation to a completely interactive and dynamic user experience, Power BI enables the end user to pull data and produce reports. It aids the client in comprehending their objectives and commercial performance.

Power BI Services – Unlock the Potential of Your Business

Custom Power BI Development

Our skilled Power BI developers are expert at developing embedded analytical reports, dashboards, and user-preferred business insights from various data sources.

Custom Visualizations

Our Power BI services go beyond the standard custom visualisations that Power BI comes with; instead, our team uses the Viz Community to build the graph, allowing you to use and build sophisticated charts with only a few clicks.

Power BI Analytics

Being a leading Power BI development firm, we have experience building full R and Python-based algorithms to meet changing business needs and give you access to interactive dashboards and BI Reporting.

Integration with Power BI

Our machine learning developers interface your application or services with PowerBI via a standard Rest API for quicker and more focused core value outcomes.

Power BI with Azure Services

Being one of the top power BI providers, we work to maximise your return on investment with a cutting-edge, quick, scalable, enterprise-level, and secure solution. We offer compatibility with different data sources.

Power BI with .NET or .NET CORE

Our Microsoft Gold-certified Power BI Services deliver analytical ideas, KPI reports, and Dashboards to boost productivity through seamless interaction with Enterprise-level solutions.

Mobile BI Reporting

You can access your reports and dashboards at any time, anywhere with Power BI cloud-based reports that are compatible with tablets and mobile devices.

Integration and Sharing

Our experts ensure that you receive the best business intelligence tools for your needs and seamless compatibility by conducting a feasibility check.

Unleash powerful insights by utilizing data you didn’t even know you had.

Any business transformation starts with a data and analytics strategy. We assist you to put up solid, ethical procedures that pave the way for development. Unlock 360-degree customer views by augmenting your assets with predictive analytics and third-party data.

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