Web Application Development

The right approach to web application development is the key to success!

At Appstean, our expert UI/UX designing team strives hard to ensure the flawless operation of your web solutions among different devices regardless of the platform and size. Our time-tested, decade-long industry experience helps you achieve maximum ROI while fine-tuning your business mechanisms.
Web applications are now more crucial than ever for teamwork, customer service, and giving management access to data and information anytime, anywhere. By creating web applications suited for the purpose, businesses might consider quickly accepting significant changes in the online services sector.
Web apps can be developed for various business use cases and are accessible to everyone, from a single person to an entire enterprise. We ensure that your corporate website receives significant leads and traffic thanks to our innovative web design and development expertise. We provide a content management system (CMS) with every bespoke website so that you, as the administrator, can change and alter the information whenever you want, wherever you are.

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apps development

Web Apps Development

Appstean specializes in developing scalable and custom web applications by utilizing agile
development mechanisms leveraging widely accepted and industry-specific
web technologies standards.


Web UI & UX Design

Every major platform, browser, device, and the display is compatible with the designs of our online applications. We take care of every detail to produce the best user experience in our web app designs, from the straightforward user interface and consistent UI elements to strategically using color and texture.


E-Commerce Development

We create e-commerce portals, websites, and shopping cart solutions that are
cross-platform, reliable, and mobile-optimized and ensure error-free order administration
for companies of all sizes. Embrace your centralized platform to manage your business
in the online world with our fully customized e-commerce projects.

web hosting

Websites Protection & Hosting

With Appstean, your website is safeguarded with our secure website protection and hosting options. We provide routine malware detection and backup services. Even if your website is hacked, you can still have total control over it thanks to our safe web protection services.

web security

Website Security Analysis

We examine your website and even the web servers to look for any potential weaknesses.
To prevent hackers from harming your website, our security system combines
cutting-edge online security testing technology with human intelligence solutions.

content management

Content Management Systems

Now that your content is more efficient, you can make more use of it with our business-centric CMS solution. Our CMS development team can code your business-specified CMS in any language, whether PHP or .NET.

Here’s our 5-step journey to let you shine globally!


Detailed project requirements, supporting documentation, site study, market research, and competitor analysis are the first things we get from you. From these specifics, we extract your business requirements and establish the project's scope. At this point, we also share some of our wise advice.


Our talented design team begins creating your project as per your specifications. At this moment, the prototype and user interface is being developed and tested. We serve as your prototype through methods of collaboration. We go to the next level after the design is finished and receive your approval.


Now that the design documents have been finalized, our talented developers can begin writing the actual code. To adequately meet your needs, we run a number of tests. Our programmers write their code using the design and implementation model. A produced application marks the completion of this phase.


During concept collecting, our QA process becomes involved with the project. According to the project requirements, QA would create test cases. Every sprint of the development phase is approved by QA.


We regularly improve and fine-tune the web application experience to ensure it is in line with your user expectations and best serves your business goals. We also assist with the introduction of new features for smooth optimization.

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Empowering interactive user experience through quality-assured, next-generation web applications. Team Appstean holds expertise in a vast array of advanced technologies, consisting of server-side and front-end technology stacks.