Salestrip® SFA Enables You To Have Unrestricted Connectivity With Your Field Force.

The Salestrip is a comprehensive sales force automation solution specially designed to automate every sale related business tasks. Salestrip empowers the top management and sales team to take well-informed decisions and vis-à-vis organization’s sales strategy, thus, maximizing the sales and profit margins to the greatest possible extent. Salestrip entails benefitting functional modules which support the basic and major business functionalities and makes it viable to pursue more business in less time.

It also offers pre-defined levels of access to the information for the field force- after strict authentication verification, one can access information whenever and wherever they want, along with this it also offers geo-location tracking.

  • Tour Programme

  • Daily Call Report

  • Doctor Management

  • Order Management

  • Sample & Gift Management

  • Expense Management

  • Leave Management

  • Sales Management

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